Intro -- Brad Myers LO6027
Thu, 07 Mar 96 10:12:46 EST

Hi all:

I'm a new guy to the list and to LO. I'm half way through "The Fifth
Discipline" and am finding that Senge describes my ten years'
experience as a quality engineer in manufacturing organizations as if
he was there. Before I learned the term "systems thinking" I
recognized the need and called it "holistic systems."

My specialty is ISO 9000 quality systems, and I've led ISO
implementations at two different companies. I feel that although I
understand ISO, my real challenge is to do ISO well. I'm convinced
that to do ISO well, an organization must also be a learning

I'm interested in hearing how other companies have applied systems
thinking to the ISO 9000 standard, especially in quality planning and
corrective action systems.

Brad L. Myers, CQA
Gelman Sciences
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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