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Walter Derzko (
Thu, 7 Mar 1996 10:06:19 -0500 (EST)

Dear List members

I'm updating some of my workshop notes and I'd like to add some more
examples of perception changes that people have had by "challenging"
conventional wisdom". Please standard drawing outside
the 9 dot box...I'm looking for fresh new, personal experiences.

I'd like to share one.

When I was in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine a while back, I was waiting for
a subway. At the end of the long grandiose hall, you see what I thought
was digital clock...but it was going backwards !

My first reaction was...well there is another example of old Soviet
technology that doesn't work and no one has bothered to fix. At that
point I could have just continued with my daily routine and gone on with

Instead, I stopped and decided to wait & see what would happen when the clock
hit was at 0.48 or so when I first noticed it....and sure enough..
the train it wasn't a broken clock afterall but a device
announcing the arrival of the next train, and quite accurately I might add.

Now, every time I walk into a Toronto subway (metro/underground/tube etc)
station and wait impatiently for the next train, I wish it was as nice and
well designed as the ones in Kyiv.

So, we are all stuck in our Western..or Eastern or whatever mindsets and
from time to time it's good to challenge conventional assumptions,
boundries,rules, beliefs, values etc.

So please share some of your experiences of perception challenges and the
resulting new insights.

Thanks in advance

Walter Derzko
Founder-Creativity Consortium Toronto
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