MIT Transf. Change Conf LO6002 -Boston 3/27-29

LeAnne Grillo (
Wed, 6 Mar 1996 09:38:32 -0500 (EST)

The MIT Center for Organizational Learning is hosting its second annual
conference, entitled "Sustaining Transformational Change: The Leadership
Challenge" March 27-29, 1996 in Boston. This public conference will focus
on the special challenges of leadership in of the organization. Although
"leadership" is typically used as a synonym for top management, the most
inportant leaders are often not at the top of the corporate structure.
Leadership is not just a particular group of people, it is a phenomenon
that has to do with the spirit of the organization. It includes the
quality of thinking and depth of commitment on the part of all
participants, not just the plans and strategies they create. Three types
of leaders emerge or exist in organizations: executive leadership, who
provide support and develop learning infrastructures; local line managers,
who can undertake meaningful organizational experiements for improved
results; and internal community builders, the seed carriers of the new
culture. In order for sustainable change to take place in an organization
all three types of leaders need to work together to enable it.

Keynote speakers include: Peter Senge, discussing "When Will We Stop
Waiting for the Leaders to Arrive," Gary Hamel, who will speak on
"Strategy as Revolution," Phil Carroll, CEO of Shell Oil Company,
discussing "Stakeholders: Creating Genuine Engagement", Lotte Bailyn from
the Sloan School of Management, speaking on "Bringing Work and Family
Together: A Catalyst for Organizational Change" and Dave Marsing from
Intel, speaking on "Effectingi Change within a Structured Organization".
There will also be twenty concurrent sessions led by practitioners from
Texas Instru- ments, Intel, National Semiconductor, Shell, AT&T, Chrysler,
Harley- Davidson, Pacific Bell, Ford Motor, FedEx, EDS, USWest, and more.

For information and registration please call Pegasus Communications, at
617-576-1231 or fax to 617-876-6426. Thanks.

-- (LeAnne Grillo)

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