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5 Mar 1996 11:51:08 -0500

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Our recent efforts in the area of total quality revolve around high
performance team training. By the end of this calendar year, we expect to
have put about half our local work force of 700 through a class consisting
of 21 participants at a time.

The course follows a case study of a "team from hell" who bring to the
table a great amount of content, but no process. Our course over 3 days
introduces participants to several concepts, including behavioral styles,
team chartering, conflict use and resolution, and a reactive
problem-solving methodology (the W-V, or 7-Step Model).

Reaction to the course thus far has been unanimous and swift. In recent
memory (our company is 85 years old) no course has ever addressed
cross-functional team work and human relations as does this current

For us, this work, no matter what you call it, has provided a tool by
which more and more individuals can find ways to cooperate, to become the
"DNA" which propagates in positive and healthy ways.

To answer your question directly, our company has taken steps to formulate
a plan of Quality deployment, slowly, step by step. We recognize that
there are some things that must come first; that there are islands of
greter competence which already exist and which can be happily leveraged
to spread a proven "gospel".

Best of luck,

 Barry Mallis
 MARKEM Corporation
 Keene, NH 03431

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