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My names is Tuwenia Barnes (pronounced "too-wanna") and I'm currently an
MBA student (part time) at George Mason Unviersity. I'm taking a *very*
intersting class this semester called MIS 792, Leveraging Technology with
professor Stephen Ruth.

Part of the focus of the course (which is brand new this semester) is to
get an understanding of the five disciplines and how organizations can
work towards becoming lerning organizations.

I have listened to "The Fifth Discipline" on audio cassettes as well as
reviewed the book and the Fieldbook. I have one question that would help
me a lot in understand this concept. If your organization is not currently
following the disciplines, how do you get people motivated to think about
their personal vision? How do you get people to even start using dialogue?
>From the readings, I understand that these things cannot be forced on
employees, but just how would one get started? Say for example, you're a
manager or an executive and you want to turn your company into one that is
focusing on team learning. What do you do first?


Tuwenia Barnes 
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