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Rol Fessenden (76234.3636@compuserve.com)
01 Mar 96 22:44:16 EST

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Cheng Po Wah asks, "What are the elements for building a learning
organization for continuos improvement?

There is a need to bulid a so-called "learning organization to continually
enhance human skills and integration of these skills to foster the
competitiveness of a company.

Do u think human resources is the most valuable assets of a company?"

--- end quote ---

These kinds of questions are delightful in their simplicity, and maddening
to answer. Shared commitment to organizational goals. Shared commitment
to the methods of LO. Commitment to responsible experimentation.
Commitment to continuing learning (Is this part of LO?). Commitment to
accomplishment. Commitment to high performance.

Anyone want to add anything?

Are human resources the most valuable asset of the company? Don't know
the single most valuable, but the top 3 are people, processes, and
systems. Next comes organizational wisdom about the achievement of its


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