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28 Feb 96 23:11:20 EST

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In responding to Daniel, you said
>You say "complexity may be increasing but that means nothing for
growth" and then distinguish "development" from growth. I happily
accept your terminology. I also want to say that, in the
non-material arena of information, knowledge and learning, I consider
growth and development to be equivalent.>

In my view, growth {in all domains} is about a change in quantity -
development is about a change in quality. One can further develop without
further growth. In my view, the generally loose use of "growth" and its
largely unmoved position as a positive value is a strong factor in
maintaing a non-whole systems view of the world in place in our society
and in the business world in particular. IMHO, personal growth intends
power (and eventually produces excess) - personal development intends
wisdom (and eventually produces integration).

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