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On Sat, 10 Feb 1996, Michael McMaster wrote:

> Ginger asks, "If there are limited resources,
isn't there a limit to > growth?" > According to physicists, we live in
an expanding universe. According > to me, we live in a universe of ever
increasing complexity. One > source of the increasing complexity is
linguistic and, as far as I > know, there is no limit to this resource or
this possibility. > Given that, there is not necessary limit to growth.

Michael, you might consider Isaac Asimov's science fiction
Foundation series, which began as a trilogy only to add a couple more
volumes twenty years later. The view of a humungous political alliance and
the complexity of getting things done over galactic distances might be a
good model for what is currently growing on this planet. Of course, the
local models aren't always as idealistic and the galactic model. Human
will be human, not necessarily humane. Probably unless we are able to see
"the big picture", we have to break things down to ingestible chunks.
The fun lies in different points of view: what works for one, is
untenable for another. After all, define universe. You could use a simple
model as some cosmologists try to develop, or it could be so complex, all
you can do is term it - chaotic.
You ask good questions. Thanks.
Rick LeBlanc

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