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Rick Leblanc writes:
> Human will be human, not necessarily humane. Probably unless we are able
> to see "the big picture", we have to break things down to ingestible
> chunks.
> The fun lies in different points of view: what works for one, is
> untenable for another.

I agree with Rick that we break things down to ingestible chunks. In
my son's 'School Cookbook' there is a recipe for eating an elephant.
First you have to cut it into 1 inch squares. Some people may catch a
glimpse of what part of the elephant looks like, but I doubt if anyone
will be able to see the whole picture.

My point is this, some people can see a bigger part of the picture,
others can only see the square inch right in front of them, while
others can't even see the inch square. It all depends on your point
of view.

Responding to Gingers question:

>"If there are limited resources, isn't there a limit to growth?

There may be limited resources, but people are the secret ingredient in
this paradigm and we will search out or create new resources to replace
those limited resources. If there is a limit to a market, successful
companies and people create a new market. After all, the opportunities
aren't where everyone is playing, the opportunity is where no one has
yet started playing. That's where the fun is, that's where the risk
is, and that's where the growth comes.

Gary Scherling
Helping people help themselves

'Learn to help people with more than their jobs. Help them with
their lives.' J. Rohn

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