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Richard Karash (
Tue, 27 Feb 96 16:59:30 0500

Maybe you're wondered about sigs at the end of LO messages -- I've been
getting educated about the "right" way and I've adjusted the automation
here to make things a little more efficient.

The "right" way to sign your msgs is

dash dash space return return signature-text

The text should include name and email-address plus whatever else you
want, but should be reasonably short. Four lines is often suggested.

That's a mouthfull, but you can see the result below. Most people take
advantage of an automatic feature in their software to add the sig to each
msg. Another option is to put it in a small file or a macro. Full name and
email address are *required* on LO msgs (although I will distribute
"anon" msgs upon request).

Here's the way the LO list software is now working:

1) if you have a line which has only "dash dash space return" we assume
that everything after that is your sig.

2) if you don't have such a line, our software adds it at the bottom,
followed by (hopefully) your name and email address from the header of
your msg.

3) if you don't have #1 with name and email address, and your name is not
in the msg "From:" line, then I bounce the msg back to you.

I have it on good authority that this format for email "sig" is good
practice everywhere on the internet. Thank you all for the wonderful msg
flow you are providing on Learning-org.


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