Limits of Empirical Method LO5875
Tue, 27 Feb 1996 15:38:36 -0500

There will never be empirical support for a transformation.

The Wright brothers couldn't point to any data on heavier-than-air flight
-- they simply had to work towards certain principles. According to one
historian, the American revolution was not led by the oppresed but by
"Those who had little to gain except the fulfillment of certain ideals
rooted in the spirit of the Enlightenment."

Consider the possibility that when we work from ideals, possiblities,
principles, or desire, we step into the possibility of transformation;
when we search for empirical support for a direction, we merely reinforce
the past.

- Ron Davison, San Diego
producer of the video "A Change in Thinking: Systems Thinking, Learning &
Intellectual Capital."

"If survival of the fittest were really the basic theme of evolution,
then today we should all be microbes."
- Ludwig von Bertalanffy.


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