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On Sat, 24 Feb 1996, DeGuerre, Don wrote:
> Employees in this company have an 'employment security' guarantee, but not
> a 'job security' guarantee. This means that if they want a job, the
> company will retrain them. However, for accountants, HRD professionals
> and engineers who are offered work on the shop floor, this sometimes feels
> like downsizing.

I think companies can set up initiatives, like establishing downsized
white-collar workers as principals of micro-loan programs, to maintain
white-collar workers' values of control over money, people and

Downsized white collar workers lose company authorized control over
company resources. Ownership in a small-business start-up
proprietorship, regardless of whether the delivered services are
"intellectual" or not, is not a suitable replacement for lost control.

Ownership of micro-loan programs give downsized white-collar workers
signing authority over other people's access to funds for those people's
access to funds. This signing power might be a suitable replacement
for white-collar workers' lost control over company resources.

Private micro-loan programs give secured loans for for small business
start-up - under $2000. They often have payback rates of 90% [I don't
have any references for this.] These micro-loans are an alternative for
prospective small-business owners since banks usually do not entertain
their requests.

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