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On Feb 23, 6:09pm, Michael McMaster wrote:
> Enrique insists that equilibrium is being sought by living systems.
> I maintain that this approach will result in approaches to learning
> that will be as ineffective as economics has been in a model which is
> based on equilibrium.

This discussion is taking a very interesting turn, and the arguments
presented by Michael are very interesting and thought provoking. I thought
it would be worth to look into it deeper before I send a reply. Thus, i
will keep this "pending" as I beleive it merits deep thought and research.
For the moment I will only specify that there is no single example in
nature that implies an environment with the ammount and degree of change
as that created in the present by humans... also it is evident that it is
only humans that are being able to adapt (or are they?) to the dynamics
involved in our society. Under the circumstances it may prove to be true
that we have pushed the metaphor to the breaking point, as it is likely we
are pushing our own fate as a society (and possibly our planet) the
breaking point. I don't mean to sound dramatic, but if we are talking
about LO's, the current situation may not allow for too many learning
experiences before the system collapses under its own weight. What I have
to think about now is how to establish the basic principles that will
allow for a more stable environment that will allow for that
dynamic-equilibrium (I beg for a little time to redifine) to be opperable.

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