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Sun, 25 Feb 1996 13:36:07 -0500

After attempting to carry on numerous dialogs with individuals relatively
unfamiliar with Systems Dyanmics concepts I did a rather exhaustive search
of the web trying to find an article I could send them to read. Not
finding just what I was looking for I decided to write a couple.

The following were installed this morning and I would appreciate some

System Dynamics: An Operational Guide to the Universe


As seems to be my habit I defined a lot more future work for myself than I
had intended. This will be most evident from the associated pages that
aren't finished yet.

If you would like to repost this to the learning org list I would be

I'll be back on the list the first week of March as I should be home for a
few weeks before having to go out of town again.

thanks in advance for you assistance,


Gene Bellinger

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