Is there a limit to growth? LO5838

John Zavacki (
Sun, 25 Feb 1996 06:08:13 -0500

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Michael McMaster wrote:
> You say "complexity may be increasing but that means nothing for
> growth" and then distinguish "development" from growth. I happily
> accept your terminology. I also want to say that, in the
> non-material arena of information, knowledge and learning, I consider
> growth and development to be equivalent.


Michael, is there some transition sentence missing in your post? Is there
a difference in your analyis between "material" and "non-material"
elements when using the biological metaphor? Knowledge, as represented in
the human brain, may be problematic if we have such a dichotomy. That is,
knowledge may grow (develop?) through strengthening associations accross
current paths in new directions. Is this growth or development, or does
it matter at this level? Both verbs (grow and develop) deal with unit
change over unit time. There is a nuance of external linkage with
develop; none with grow.

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