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Dr. Scott J. Simmerman (
24 Feb 96 21:02:31 EST

Replying to LO5821 --

Michael McMaster said,

"The mind/nervous system generates possibilities in the form of very
fine 'oscillators' that are looking for a match." and went on to
describe an interesting biological model of building trust and rapport.

There is certainly a great deal of data on biological adaptation to common
signals (filtering and adaptation level theory) as well as the linguistic
parts of NLP (the metamodel et. al).

He also stated that "Trust is the result of this kind of rapport"

One of the nicest ways I have heard it put, source unknown, was that,
"Trust is the Residue of Promises Fulfilled."

It seems useful and descriptive, it also plays well in discussing the trust
issue with my wife.

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