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I just came across your message below (Feb 3) on spirituality in the
workplace and thank you for the references and your thoughts on this area
of growing interest. This has been a focus of concern and exploration for
myself and many colleagues in the San Francisco Bay Area since the early

I just came back from a two week journey to India. During this time I
spent 4 days attending an International conference on "Living Values in an
Interdependent World". Forty countries were represented. For one of the
days we broke into industry groups. The largest was focused on business,
and the key theme was spirituality in business as reflected by the values
supported therein. This clearly reflected a growing hunger and concern.

I work at Sun Microsystems in Mountain View, California. Being a fast
moving, high performance, goaled on market share and revenue per employee,
computer company, there isn't much talk about spirituality in the
workplace (although there is some!). However, to varying degrees your
following statement is found to live in the company. "The fact is that
when we acknowledge each other as human beings, when we work at
facilitating each other's success to our mutual benefit and to the benefit
of the customers and society that we serve...".

Again thanks and I look forward to further communication on this important


David Wick

Subj: Spirituality in the Workplace LO5301
Date: Sat, Feb 3, 1996 5:10 PM EDT
X-From: jwoods@execpc.com (John Woods)

First let me recommend some books that covertly or overtly make a case for
acknowledging and nurturing the human spirit in the workplace:

[rest of quote of prev msg snipped by your host...]

David Wick

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