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Wed, 21 Feb 96 08:46:41 EST

Replying to LO5740 --

Being from an IT services company, I've seen a number of reasons
quoted for not investing in training for the staff.

a) For large investments in training, individuals can and do leave and
command larger salaries at other companies. The company that does the
training is left with the cost and no benefit. This has happened, but
if there is an appropriate plan to get the now trained employee to a
resonable salary, and that can be demonstrated to the employee, I
think this is mainly a 'fear' of management.

b) No immediate payback of the training. Often the payback is over a
longer period of time.

c) No dollar justifications of training. Since many companies are
bottom line companies (looking at the revenue/profit) you can't
directly show the return on a training investment. Most of the return
is soft costs.

d) Many people have learned on the job without formal training in the
past. Why do you have to do formal training now?

e) You can hire people with the skills, it appears time consuming,
difficult and long to train staff internally, when you can just put an
ad and hire someone.

Gary Scherling
Helping people help themselves


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