Emptiness and Space in Orgs LO5737

Tue, 20 Feb 1996 00:15:43 -0800

In LO5718 [was Bosses vs. Leaders] Tobin wrote...

> Great image, Ginger. It brings to mind the verse from the Tao Te Ching
> which goes something like this.
> Thirty spokes surround the hub.
> It is the space in the center which makes it useful.
> Mold clay into a vessel,
> From its emptiness comes its utility.
> Cut a window and a door in a wall,
> Their openness is the source of their value.
> Therefore, it is by the existence of things that we profit,
> And by the emptiness of things that we are served.

Maybe this is another reason why it is important to understand and manage
the 'white space' on the organization chart. As most of us know this
'space' is not empty -- it holds the key to how the organization really
works... and learns.

Thanks for this 'picture of emptiness' Tobin... it is very powerful, and
generating a cascade of of ideas.

Valdis Krebs
Krebs & Associates
Los Angeles, CA



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