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> Motivation then is a fine word (why abolish it?). But recognize that
> people come with built in motivations. Inducements are the business of
> managers. The human resources people adjust inducements to achieve their
> results.
> Incentives are the tools of leaders. Perhaps they are the products of
> leaders.

Bill, I don't think that the problem is with the world! [word?] I see more
of a problem with how we use or apply a concept that developed a few
decades ago called "motivation." We have been down this path before in
this forum, and I appreciate Michael's contributions because they helped
me improve my arguments against the traditional motivational concepts.
For as long we continue to rely solely on the belief that we can "make"
people do things for us, then we are missing a very important part of the
picture. Micahel talks about intentionality, and I have been using that
notion myself. This is similar to the notion that we can teach college
students, with the inducement that they would be better people, more
employable, etc. I believe more in the intentionality notion of whether
the student really wants to learn! When the student does not have the
desire to learn, the intention, then I become a bad teacher!


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