Left-hand Column Tool LO5725

Magnus Larsson (Magnus.Larsson@itp.lu.se)
Mon, 19 Feb 96 20:58:38 +0100

Hello, everybody!!

I'm a psychologist, doctoral student and consultant from Sweden, working
with team learning and action research and action learning to increase the
abilities to work in distributed and loosely coupled organisations. This I
do mostly in the context of health care, but also educatioon, management

I am very interested in Senge's conception of the learning organisation:
In my work with these ideas, I have at some times tried to use the Left
Hand Column, described by him and Chris Argyris. However, I find it very
hard to use this tool. It seems hard to bring out the inherent potential
for learning and reflection, and very difficult not to evoke too much

Does anybody else have any enlightening experiences of this instrument?
I'd be very interested!!

Magnus Larsson
Magnus Larsson Magnus.Larsson@itp.lu.se
Department of applied psychology
Lund University

Magnus Larsson <Magnus.Larsson@itp.lu.se>

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