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19 Feb 1996 11:16:07 -0500

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Scott asks why lower levels in an organization are laid off for
non-performance issues which may, in part, be due to lack of leadership at
the top. He suggests root cause analysis somewhat akin to using a
fishbone diagram to ask at least several times, and down several levels,
"why?" the problems he cites might exist?

I like his advice about using root cause anlysis.

Another thought comes to mind. There are instances we read about almost
daily of corporate heads "moving on" in and across their own high level
network from job to job. They are fired by boards, they leave out of
desperation, they want something new to build, they retire. Lotsa good

There are as many--or more--companies where problems are addressed through
layoffs. They reason top management doesn't suffer the actual layoff is
that, simply, they are top management. They're the top. They rule. They
are the bosses/leaders/motivators/standard bearers etc. etc. in a world
where hierarchy still rules. I know, I know, I'm stating the obvious. But
I just want me to remember that when I start getting a little rarified in
my thinking, a bit abstract and away from the world of the production
floor where the tool meets the metal.

I often think how wonderful the world might be if it were more
egalitarian. Wishful. Perhaps in another lifetime.


Barry Mallis

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