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Clyde Howell wrote

>The trick isn't necessarily putting the simulations into the actual
>workplace, although that would greatly enhance their effectiveness. The
>effectiveness of these techniques has more to do with the training of
>intact work groups which will then apply that knowledge together back in
>their work place.

Right on!!!

The shared experience is one of the best ways to build a team. It is one
basis of the success of the 'Outward Bound' type of organization. In all
of my work when I am able to train a project team and then carry them
directly into the project we spend much less time becoming a team.

IMHO almost any experience that brings a team together to achieve some
goal will help the business. The shared experience establishes social
connections and begins to sort out the varied competencies of the group.
It is a place that the natural leaders can be recognized and people can
begin to respect each other. If you are trying to build a LO this is a
good start.

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