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Fri, 16 Feb 1996 08:27:21 -0600

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would like to know if anyone can give me a few general guidelines that
would help me to understand a transition into this method (self
evaluation, of sorts).

Well...I think we are doing it very nicely on the LO network...we ask
questions in such a way that the dialogue leads us to a kind of
inevitability of arriving at a point of's all in the
way in which the question is asked....taps into our mental models when we
are ready to look at them. We all have assumptions (David Bohm writes so
simply and eloquently about this.....such clarity...whether we totally
concur or not) is really inquiring into how those assuptions become
manifest in our conversations...(converse - ations being perhaps part of
that paradigm which is why dialogue is a true aim for inquiry, no?)

Also, is it possible that this form of inquiry is a characteristic of
Learning Organizations? YUP!!!!

Thanks for listening....Myrna
Myrna Casebolt


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