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Fri, 16 Feb 96 14:11 MST

Replying to LO5646 --

>I have read and heard much about the "Socratic Method". Two of my
>instructors have declared it their preferred method of teaching. I have
>also seen it referenced on this list several times. Thinking back over
>the years (not knowing it had a name) I feel I learned the most from those
>exercising this method.
>I am becoming very interested in learning more about it and would like to
>know if anyone can give me a few general guidelines that would help me to
>understand a transition into this method (self evaluation, of sorts).

Your query regarding "Socratic Method" triggered the rememberance
of an article I read recently in the Journal of the Association of
Supervison and Curriculum Development. The citation follows:

Tredway, L. (1995, September). Socratic seminars: Engaging
students in intellectual discourse. Educational Leadership, 53(1), 26-29.

The article includes a brief reference list. I prefer to use the
"Socratic method" or "Socratic seminar" format with my graduate students.
My students are all professionals in their own right and bring with them a
world of experience. This method of pedagogy brings out their vast
knowledge and experience, helps to facilitate reflection, and builds a
learning community within the class based on openness and trust.


Gary C. Alexander, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Educational Administration
University of Idaho


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