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Thu, 15 Feb 1996 21:25:20 -0700

Replying to LO5585 --

>A.W. Smith provides these role responsibilities of leaders:

> Intervention roles -crisis situations - high direction and correcting
> Implementation roles - routine situations - high definition and
> Improvement roles - continuous change - high dedication and consulting
> Innovation roles - major new initiatives - high delegation and
> Integration roles - interacting other roles--high design and


I believe you've succeeded quite well at defining an ideal leadership
team, capable of responding to any situation. I believe it's time we stop
kidding ourselves into believing any one person is capable of serving all
these roles, least of all at the top. (Especially in the White House.)

Now add this to Uri Merry's notions of self-similarity and fractal
structure (ref. LO & New Sciences LO5577), and you get the potential for a
dynamic organization that would be capable of complex skills like

As ever,
Ginger Shafer
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-- (Virginia I. Shafer)

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