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Rather than just use boss and leader we should see positions in
gradations. In our work with 1200+ leaders and data on their roles, we
find that roles determine how leaders really respond to different
situations. For example, we found five distinct gradations --each with
unique skills and styles...

Intervention roles -crisis situations - high direction and correcting
Implementation roles - routine situations - high definition and
Improvement roles - continuous change - high dedication and consulting
Innovation roles - major new initiatives - high delegation and
Integration roles - interacting other roles--high design and

As people progress in the order of expanding roles (from top to bottom) we
find that they become less of a boss in an immediate, control and very
autocratic--take charge sense, and become more of a true leader in an
extended, shared and very participative sense.... In the complex world
that we live in today, it is roles and relationships which bridge
resources and requirements, and which really tell what people do in
organizations. A key part of organization design and interactive learning
is in seeing this as a starting point.

Do respond to my comments...I will appreciate the views of others on this.
We are completing a major leadership book which will be out in the near
future which we feel will be cutting is based on over 10 years
of research and is very interdisciplinary. Recently Covey gave sections a
good initial draft we learn from each other and the best....

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