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Thu, 15 Feb 1996 10:54:23 -0600

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I have a question which I have not been able to find good resource
material for....

There are many parallel systems in the body.... circulatory, nervous,
endochrine, immune... and so on, I like to call them co-systems. Most if
not all of these co-systems are in network or connected tree structures in
my understanding. Can anyone tell me informally and/or via references
what are the various mechanisms which connect and coordinate these

Hi Doug....My friend Deric Bownds (professor of biology and zoology
here on the UW-Madison campus) is an excellent resource. You can
connect with him at As we talk about
so often, there is not this little hommunculi in our beings that actually
orchestrates puppeter...the essance of systems thinking
is that it all works together dynamically all the time....right? Good


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