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Doug O'Loughlin asked:

>2. Has anyone done any research on the people who have been layed off -
>are they happier a year or two down the road? Are they glad it happened?
>I wonder if it might parallel some research I saw on lottery winners -
>after the initial euphoria, apparently most people wish they have never
>won. Could it be the reverse for the victims of layoffs?

I, too, would be interested in knowing if a study has been done. Rol,
have you seen anything in the press? This reminds me of the concern over
closures of military installations. Every community fought tooth and nail
to "save their base" from extinction, often citing economic impact on the
community. Wise communities developed a "Plan B." Those that had a Plan
B turned the property into an asset for the community, many growing the
local economy as a result.

I volunteered to be "downsized," and I KNOW I'm happier as a result.

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