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Dear Rol:

I strongly agree with you, there is a problem however that I feel most
people do not take into consideration: That which motivates us is within
us. It doesn't just crop up magically, it was set there as our axiological
substructure was constructed from the moment we began to socialize. In
that sense, if learning was established as a value in itself, people
became life-long learners. Others have had to "crash" during adolesence,
when we questioned all those things that were established as basic values.

> There seems to be some resistance to the notion that we can learn
> motivation from others, perhaps even a hierarchic superior. Why is
> We learn most everything else from other people. It is quite clear to
> that I learned a lot about motivation from my parents, some bosses,
> peers, and some people who worked for me.
> After all, where would we be if we were not standing "on the shouders
> giants"?

We can also be under the feet of midgets, but again, that would be our

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