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Jan Lelie (100730.1213@compuserve.com)
12 Feb 96 09:58:25 EST

Replying to LO5482 --

Hi Wolfgang,

You are quite right, i'll even want to add a line to:

> If things that were promised to you become not true, or if they
> were completely wrong, it is very likely that you will become frustrated
> and will dismiss. Sometimes you will stay in your job, but with an inner

If you say beforehand that, in my case Human Resource Management, is
making promises and implications they will not be able to hold, it is very
likely that they will ignore these remarks, pretend you didn't make them,
are unable to 'process' them and in the end will dismiss you as
not-fitting in the organization. At the same time, and this could be a
story for Ginger, they complain that managers from other departments only
want to rule through the system, are inflexible and make promises they
will not be able to hold. As a closing remark: the personal turn-over in a
Human Resources Department is about two times as high as in any other
department (at least in The Netherlands, I read this somewhere, but am
unable to find it: it might be execrated due to my dislike of Human
Resources Departments (of-course excluding all those fine individual
people who work hard etc. etc.)

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