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Rol wrote:

> The only glimmer of hope I have seen is that in a few schools -- colleges
> especially, and now some high schools -- there is beginning to be a focus
> on the environment as a field of study. By its nature, the environment
> brings together different fields of study.

I have seen th world from several angels, [angles?] and have concluded
that looking at any one "thing", even the ENVIRONMENT, will only lead to
yet another disciplinary silo.

The hope I see is using the APPROACH to learning that begins with an issue
or opportunity (please do not say problem) and brings in as many aspects
as it would take to develop a succesful service or product. Maybe basic
tools can be practiced in isolation, but learners should always have at
least one project that requires integration and application Better yet if
a project takes one into some new area or discipline.

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