Lack of Follow through LO5548

Barry Mallis (
12 Feb 1996 08:34:48 -0500

Was: Learning Organizations & TQM LO5476

Thanks, Deborah, for your posting. I liked what you said and the way you
said it.

You asked if we think that organizations will demonstrate the same
resistance to the transition to a real LO as has been seen in the quality

I'd say so. Even among consultants on the bleeding edge, we find an array
of super tankers which take three full miles to come to a stop, or some
comparatively long ditance/time to make a turn. Once we pick up a banner,
it's hard (not impossible) to incorporate new threads into our weaving.
Why, there are consultants for just THAT problem.

Deming said you never get out of this hospital.


Barry Mallis

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