Learning Organizations & TQM LO5520

Jan Lelie (100730.1213@compuserve.com)
11 Feb 96 17:02:45 EST

Replying to LO5476 --

Hi Deborah,

Next time i'll wait longer for a reaction, because you phrased it far
better than i did.

By the way,
> Parenthetically, do you think that when companies realize that a
> transition to a true learning organization is in fact a significant
> organizational change, they will begin to demonstrate the same resistance
> and lack of follow through that we have seen in the quality movement?

Yes and no. No: In my opinion every organization is a learning
organization, as we as people will always keep developing ourselves. Only
the 'cycle times' differ, and with a short cycle time it is for some
reason more appropriately labeled "learning". And Yes, because bad cycles
(short term fixes) always drive out good cycles (double loop learning).
And yes and no, because now we realize this we have better means of
intervening and shortening cycles.

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Jan Lelie

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