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Linda E. Dilliplane (ad399@rgfn.epcc.Edu)
Sun, 11 Feb 96 18:18:44 MST

Replying to LO5476 --

>Much of the major contributions of those who focus on Learning
>Organizations is in making overt ONCE AGAIN some VERY IMPORTANT key
>concepts and approaches coupled with some VERY HELPFUL methodology.
>Parenthetically, do you think that when companies realize that a
>transition to a true learning organization is in fact a significant
>organizational change, they will begin to demonstrate the same resistance
>and lack of follow through that we have seen in the quality movement?
>Deborah Heller

Ms. Heller,
I'm not sure about companies and what they would do but as an employee,
I beleive, I would not be afraid to try it again. I beleive as more and
more people become aware that there are others that truly beleive and
practice TQM/LO principles that we will continue to become better at this,
whatever our motivations are. As long as I can recognize that these
things are "real" or at least have a good possibility of being "real" and
our directors really beleived in these principles (in word and in
actions), I could work in a positive direction to make our organization
I just never realized it was possible until I entered this listserve.
Just a personal opinion. Take what you can use and throw the rest away.

Linda E. Dilliplane
An employee

ad399@rgfn.epcc.Edu (Linda E. Dilliplane)

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