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Jesse W. White (jwhite@comp.uark.edu)
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On Wed, 7 Feb 1996 DavidM1225@aol.com wrote:

> Bill:
> I like the piece you wrote on the Learning Org list on fairness and
> religion. I think you said it well. Do you think that fairness is an
> intuitive sense we all have like hearing and vision or is it socially
> constructed or a little of both?..

Isn't fairness somewhat contextual? I believe that the wide variety of
religious views provide energy to this topic. Even when some people
believe that religion is not spirituality or vice-versa, truth, justice, a
sense of right or wrong, and when to place one's own needs above all else
will create dilemmas. The important question to ask {in my humble
opinion}, is whether or not to seek spirituality as a research subject.
To me this seems to be a lifelong learner thesis. I am convinced that
there is hop as long as this sort of dialogue is taking place. Spiritual
Materialism is alive and well within and without organized religious.

> Jesus said that it is easier for a camel to get through the eye of a
> needle than for a rich man to get into heaven. Is there any truth to the
> corrolary that to sell our soul to Mammon is the opposite of being
> ethical. In other words, the only way we can get ahead is to find the loop
> holes, create the short cuts to beat the competition which is starting
> down the slippery slope of not being fair.
> I guess in the last analysis we all have to struggle with what is more
> important: the bottom line or justice. It is very clear to me that in our
> American way of doing business it is the bottom line.Caveat Emptor.

Ethics have no doubt been the center of attention as long as philosophy
has been the basis of serious discussion. Socrates refuted Thrasymachus
argument that ethics are imposed upon the weak by the strong. However,
that skepticism is prevailing as the above commentary demonstrates. I am
not so sure of my own values. I constantly examine what I am doing, where
i am doing it, and willing to make certain modifications based on what I
know. To me, Truth, Justice, Common Good, Self Preservation are bold
attestation of the unknown. I focus on what I know to be true. Since
research is important to that paradigm, I choose to read as much as I can
and study the question of my behavior (personal and professional) in
context of what I believe now. Listen...

Allow silence.

Jesse White
Consultant and Doctoral Student

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