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David C. Walden (walden@labs-n.bbn.com)
Sat, 10 Feb 1996 06:20:06 -0600

Replying to LO5470 --

Ginger Shafer quotes me replying to LO5414:
>> Any combination [of theories and practices] that works well will provide
>>a competitive edge and change the game, requiring futher evolution of the
>>methods to remain competitive.

Then Ginger Shafer asks:
>When you speak of "competitive edge" and "remain competitive," I'm not sure
>I understand what you mean. Do you mean "surviving?" Or "growing?" Or
>"adaptive?" Or something else all together. Please explain.

I respond:

I wasn't trying to say anything too precise with my words "competitive
edge" and "remain competitive." Organizations must be "adaptive" to
address a changing environment (e.g., what customers want, what
competitors are providing, etc.). The organization's concern might
"surviving" or continued "growing" (in some size or some other dimension).
I didn't have anything in mind very far from the words "surviving,"
"growing," "adaptive," and the like. (Some organizations may exist to
maintain a convervative tradition, but I was not thinking about them).

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