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> From: Julie Beedon <>
> >> From: (Bob Luttman)
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> >> I don't know if Deming every voiced an opinion on LO,but Idon't think he -
> >> or other TQM practitioners - have many serious disagreements.
> >>
> >> Bob Luttman
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> >I don't think that Deming ever called anything Organizational Learning, or
> >a learning organization, or anything like it. But, if we look closer to
> >what he advocated we might see that TQM/CQI, when applied in an effective
> >way, then we see organizational learning. In one of the cases used in the
> >1980 documentary "If Japan Can, ...", the Nashua Paper Company, one can
> >see collective learning taking place. I don't believe that TQM can be
> >effectively applied without the application of come notions related to
> >organizational learning, because it becomes only a fad.
> ....and I know in the New Economics as he presents his ideas about a
> system for profound knowledge one of the 4 aspects of the system is a
> theory of knowledge which seems to me to be talking about organizational
> learning ..... the only thing I would say (without wishing to be purist)
> is that he did not like to be associated with TQM in any way.... although
> my own experiences of applying and developing his thinking inside an
> organization left me wondering why??

I think that Deming knew that most of the "TQM Experts" where just
going along for the ride! Those experts are by looking out for the new
fad they will jump in to keep the money flowing from the potential
consulting opportunities that these new management models or approaches
might promise. I believe that in one of the many public appearances, he
expressed his disappointment at the many so-called experts in Quality
Management who were dealing with the issues in a very superficial way!

This is just my guess!


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