Seeking Systems Courses LO5404

Tue, 06 Feb 1996 18:35:20 EST


I am trying to put together a list of all the system dynamics/systems
thinking (and SD/ST related) educational programs available around the
world. These can include individual classes (undergraduate and graduate)
and degree programs. My intention is to make this list available on the
World Wide Web for use by anyone interested in learning system dynamics.

If you have the relevant information already on the Web, you could send me
the address of the web pages, and I could possibly put in a link to your
page. Otherwise, a short description of the courses/programs and contact
addresses/phone numbers for more information should be very useful. If
you know of any other compilations of a similar nature, please let me

This is probably going to be a mammoth task, and there will probably be
quite a few programs that might be missing from the list. However, I hope
we are able to make a good start. I know many people have indicated an
interest in having this sort of list available, and I hope we can do just

Mark Choudhari
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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