Deming in 1980 LO5384

Julie Beedon (
Tue, 06 Feb 1996 09:24:02

Replying to LO5371 --

We can call this TQM
>as long as we appreciate that we are really talking about a more realistic
>set of management practices based on the systems view and not some fad
>that can be replaced 6 months from now by some other fad. Hope this is

Thanks for those thoughts John.... my response so far has been to
avoid calling it TQM... unless I thought it would help people to
understand what I meant... and then found it was sometimes
interpreted as a fad... so I guess the old fella was right to be
worried about it's seems to me that whatever way we look
at this it can never be a 'simple' answer but a whole set of new
ways of thinking and being which will take time and energy to
master.... I just hope there are enough people out there who care
about people and organisations (and not just their own self
interest) to stick with it....

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