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Thanks for raising a couple of points that I've been grappling with in my
own corporate job. I recognize the need for people to invest in
themselves and take responsiblity for employability. There isn't enough
being said yet about the company's responsiblity to give employees the
tools and opportunities to learn more! It's much more profitable for a
company to invest in their current staff than to find new staff. That
investment can't be directly measured (# of people leaving for new jobs
can't be a proper measure when there's few jobs to go to).

I'd like to hear others thought on the company's responsiblity.

Tobin, you also said:

> the use of downsizing, rightsizing, inside-out sizing as often an
> example of those in leadership positions taking the easy way out.

It's easier to shed costs than to re-engineer and re-direct them into a
profitable resource in the company.

> consequences of the quick and dirty approach will--like crash dieting--
> have many unexpected side-effects of the sort you are outlining.

With three sets of downsizing in so many years, I'm still seeing a lot
of side-effects.

Gary Scherling
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