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Mon, 5 Feb 1996 11:06:05 -0500

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I would be most appreciative if you would post the following message to
the learning org list for me. Presently I haven't found the time to get
back on the list as there's just too many things on my to do list. Maybe
in March.

thanks, Gene...

the note:

After several months of adding stuff to my web site I have concluded that
it is now very much out of control.

I have come to understand that the subject of modeling and simulation is
far broader than I had ever imagined and many of the things I'm finding of
interest on the net don't seem to fit into the pigeon holes I created with
initially very limited perspective.

As such, I am about to do a major restructruing of the organization and
would sincerely appreciate any guidance you might care to offer. My web
address is:

You may send comments via e-mail to: or

I thank you in advance for you assistance,
Gene Bellinger

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