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Barry Mallis (
5 Feb 1996 09:01:17 -0500

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In reponse to Doug Seeley's intriguing posting, I offer again the
expressions of Rumi from 700 years ago:

Think of how phenomena come trooping
out of the desert of Non-existence into this materiality.
Morning and night they arrive, each taking over,
"It's my turn now, get out!"
We seem to be sitting still, but we're actually moving,
and the fantasies of phenomena are sliding through us
like ideas through curtains.
They go to the well of deep love in each of us.
They fill their jars there and leave.
There is a source they come from, and a fountain inside here.
Be generous. Confess when you're not.
We can't know what the Divine Intelligence has in mind.
Who AM I, standing in all this thought traffic?

When I read such poetry from centuries ago, I am smitten with the secret
smile therein, a reincarnation of the Cheshire Cat's grin sitting
skillfully hidden on the curving tree branch just above my head, hidden
from all but those who open the eyes just a little, little bit more than
usual. I agree with Doug that our most peculiar civilization is narrowly
focused, that I feel the pressure of that narrowness, succumb to it,
forget what it is like to be without dogma so that I can know the Goodness
of spirit--so that I can join with others (such as you who read this
list's postings from around the planet) to achieve good and valued results
from joint, organized efforts in business, education and government.

OK, enough mush. I think we are mature enough in spots to explore, Doug.
You're doing it on this list. Not too many people have access, intention
or inclination to do the same as you are doing. Keep it up, and thank
you. Best regards,

Barry Mallis

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