Learning to Model LO5297

Fri, 2 Feb 1996 09:56:46 -0500

Replying to LO5223 --

Doug Seely wrote:

>Does this mean that we should also be putting our attention upon
>the transformation of ordinary folk into Learning Individuals,
>ones who could become involved in Personal Mastery? Is it sane
>to try to encourage people who have succeeded in the world so
>far... growing families, acquiring a home, keeping a steady
>income, etc. to get them to change, transform, become empowered,
>revolutionize their conceptual understanding and personal
>behaviour? Or is it simply growing old, not to try?

Those individuals who succeeded in growing familiesx all had their own
personal mastery, personal vision, and personal values funtioning on all
cylinders. They got where they were going because they wanted to get

Taking the time to find out the mutual core values of the employees,
combining those with their ideas and direction of the organization's
vision and making real ties to pay attention to the employee's own desires
around personal mastery and making that count within the colmpany will go
along way toward they wanting the organization to 'get there' also.

In the work I do with volunteer organizations I have found that if we: can
touch our members' core values in the organization's underlying
principles; ensure members are a part of helping to establish the
organization's vision by paying attention to their personal vision for the
organization; and, connect our work and their personal growth----- we end
up with a powerfully motivated work group. When we take the time do do the
above, our ROI is a powerful commitment on the part of the members of the

Joe DiVincenzo