Argyris book recommendations? LO5287

Bob Williams (
Fri, 2 Feb 1996 10:30:51 +1300

Replying to LO5237 --

>A friend of mine, who does (superlative) one-on-one communication
>coaching, is interested in learning more about Argyris' concept of
>"undiscussables" in organizations. Can anyone point me (her) to a good

Phew, where in the forest do you start. For me, "Overcoming,
Organizational Defences" Prentice Hall (1990) is the winner.

It is :-

Able to be read really fast (by reading the first two chapters and the
summary sections of the others)
Detailed when you have a bit more time
Fits in a briefcase
Well indexed
Covers the past 20 years of Argyris' and much of Don Schon's work

Tell your friend to get three copies. I (accidentally) ended up with two,
and have trouble keeping them on my shelves. There is a queue for them.



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