Teams - when and when not LO5277
Thu, 1 Feb 1996 10:28:28 -0500

Replying to LO5241 --

Molly said:

>have repeatedly seen a lack of clear sponsorship at the root of
>unsuccessful and demoralizing team building efforts. When leadership is
>unclear as to what the Vision is, or why we're doing this round of
>reorganization, look for sponsorship. A sponsor devotes fulltime effort
>to discussing the new direction, new expectations, and is willing to do so
>over a long haul. This commitment is not made lightly--and involves
>support, influence, resources to make it happen. As a consultant I am
>committed to saying no to projects that are not well sponsored, and many
>of the questions will help elicit the info needed prior to contracting

Molly's comments are valuable.

In our own experience, we never set out to do team building. Silver is a
byproduct of gold mining. Mining companies often sell a lot of silver
because it is found in conjunction with gold.

Here is a formula for successful teambuilding which has been working for a
long time. Bring together a well-informed group of people who want to
contribute to resolving some mess in which they all have a stake.

Conduct an Interactive Management session with them, which is 99.9%
certain to yield products that they develop which are highly contributory
to resolving the mess.

Results: (1) Gold, in the form of the group products, (2) Silver, a group
of people who like and respect each other, and are ready to work as a team
if called upon to do so in the future.

Price for the Gold: Maybe $20,000. (I don't sell it.)

Price for the Team-Building: $0

Team-Building, done separately, is social overhead.

John N. Warfield