Re: A Message Revisited LO3915

Tue, 28 Nov 95 11:18:42 EST

Replying to LO3874 --

"Success is a journey, not a destination"

That quote has inspired me in many ways. We must aspire to goals, but
if we ever reach all of our goals, if we ever meet all of the success
you want, if you ever get everything you've ever wanted or ever will
want, what's the point in continuing.

That's why I beleive you can never have too many goals. For two quite
speparate reasons. One is that goals pull you forward and onward. If
you only have one or two, and you don't attain them it can be
devastating. The second is that different goals have different
gestational periods. It's far better to all some small successes
along the way, and then create more goals.

Gary Scherling
Ottawa, Canada FYI (214) 606-2000
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