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Bo Newman (
Sun, 26 Nov 1995 07:33:21 GMT

Replying to LO3849 --


I find your argument for point-sensitive "quickie" knowledge sources ver
interesting. As an advocate of knowledge management, I teach that the
activities and decisions within the "business process," represent
knowledge utilization events (Kus), and that the source of knowledge
required to satisfy each KU must be accounted for within the business

The normal reaction I get is, that it is the responsibility of the
individual(s) responsible for the event, to "know" what to do, given the
right data and information. What I point out is that the elevation of the
data and information to knowledge requires very specific transformation
processes that must be accounted for in the overall business process and
not left to chance. To illustrate this I often draw a parallel to
manufacturing processed with all of the subprocesses required to turn raw
material into the subassemblies needed to support the primary assembly

Looking at your argument, I can see where at this point, the time would be
ripe to make the point that "outsourcing" can apply to knowledge needed to
support the business process in the same way it applies to the
manufacturing process. If outsourcing to "knowledge contractors" was
addressed in this way as part of a larger movement such as BPR, it could
well become a significant driver in creating the needed "market pull." I
would think that the reply you received from, "the senior individuals" to
"make it take less time (with the presumption of less cost), make it more
immediate, ..." would indicate that they, at least, would be open to such
an approach.

How do you see such an "industry" evolving? Do you see a parallel between
the development of the business of "knowledge contracting" with the
development of "job-shops" subcontractors that support the manufacturing
sector, or do you see them developing along a different line? I am
especially interested in the role you see for the concept off "agility."
( I assume you refer to the concepts but forward by Steve Goldman etc. on
agile manufacturing and agile enterprises)

Brian (Bo) Newman
Project Management and Knowledge Management Consultant.