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James McKinley (
Sat, 25 Nov 95 12:23:19 -800

Replying to LO3785 --

> I have always been bothered when I hear people say that human beings
> should not tamper with nature. Why? Human beings are a part of nature.
> We can't not tamper with nature. Nature tampers with itself and we are
> just part of that happening. I suppose the issue is the intelligence
> with
> which we participate in this and our awareness that it's going on..
> Whenever we think/act as if we are somehow separate from the nature
> that
> created us, we will inevitably create problems for ourselves--that is
> a
> false assumption. I like to say that "human nature is just the human
> form
> of nature."

The comments above caused me to try to remember the source of a
novel idea on the relationship of humans and "nature".
After much effort I finally recalled it:

Genesis 1: 26-31

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