Learning the earth system LO3778

Willard Jule (75272.3452@compuserve.com)
20 Nov 95 22:38:14 EST

Replying to LO3751 --

Thank you, Michael Cohen for the posting of your interview re: your new
book. It made me think of the quote on a tee-shirt from the nature store.
"Nature holds the answers to questions we have not yet learned to ask." I
know that I find many answers in natural happenings that I participate in
or observe. I think you are right on target with nature-connectedness as
a vehicle to healing many of the ills that trouble us.

Your thoughts trigger the idea for a nature-connectedness outdoor exercise
to help people discover that the answers to their most difficult
challenges lie just outside the door in their natural surroundings. By
the way, I think that those "natural" surropundings could be the weed
infested concrete jungle of our inner cities as well as the fresh outdoors
of our pristine forests. lakes, and prairies. (Pristine may be a poetic
overstepping of reality.)

Thanks for the inspiration.

Willard Jule